About the Park

The Monks Park is located in the Nun’s Estate in Alcobaça and it’s built mainly as an Environmental Park and Cultural Park, offering visitors unique experiences through a range of activities and events, aiming at recreating the lives of the monks of the Order of Cistercians.

The Nun’s Estate is one of the most clearly defined areas of monastic presence, as it was here that the monks initially settled – and for 22 years – a small community gathered to prepare the foundation and construction of the Alcobaça Monastery, in the same place it is built on today, and in which, at the time, they secured, through inovative farming techniques, all the food that they required for the Order, offering the resident nuns at the convent located scarce quilometers in an area called Cós.

Thus was born the name Quinta das Freiras (Nun’s Estate) as an important milestone on the presence connected to the Cistercian Order in the region, but also to the Battle of Aljubarrota, since it was there that the Portuguese troops set up camp to regain their strength and celebrate their victory over the Castilians.

During this period there was no order as powerful as they were in Portugal, mainly due to the wealth of Alcobaça which was also the intellectual and artistic centre of the Order.

As we can see, in the light of all this historical and cultural value, Parque dos Monges bases its theme, recreating through a local tourist entertainment exposure and participation in activities, offering visitors a chance at witnessing first hand the monks of the Cistercian Order way of living.

Moreover, our infrastructure aims to combine tourist entertainment to a strong pedagogical component, in terms of educational content and environmental awareness, as seen in the equipment and activities that we offer our visitors.


Contemplative Cistercian Order

Robert Molesme founded the new monastery in the florest of Citeaux, Borgona region in France.


Letter of donation of Coutos Alcobaça

Sir Afonso Henriques and his wife and companion donate to Sir Bernardo Abade of the monastery of Clairvaux, about 44,000 hectares of land, including the place of Alcobaça, on April 8. Sir Bernardo died on August 20. The southern border was in Rio Tejo Portugal.


Probable temporary settlement of monks in Chiqueda

Start of farming on the rivers which later came to be known as Alcoa and Baça.


First monastery shipyards

The first shipyards, located between the rivers of the valley near the castle, probably of Visigoth origin.


First settlers

It is estimated that from 1185 to 1211, a group of widows settles in Granja de Cos the monastery of Alcobaça, along the river.


Consecration of the monastery

Consecration of the church of the monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobaça during the reign of Afonso II.


Coenobium transferred to Alcobaça

Transference of the Cistercian coenobium, from Chiqueda to Alcobaça (probable date). Authorization given by the the general chapter of Cister (France).


Monastery cloister renovated

The medieval monastery cloister is complete with a renovated cloister, the Cloister of Silence. We were in the Reign of King Dinis.


First abbess of the concento Coz - D. Benta de Aguiar

Building built by Abbot Afonso and completed by Abbot Henrique.


1755 earthquake hits the monastery

Earthquake deeply affects the monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobaça, forcing the community to resort to loans for its reconstruction.


Napoleonic wars

Napoleonic wars and plunder of the monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobaça.


Termination of Orders

Extinction of the religious orders in Portugal.


The Nun's Estate of Coz is sold.

The Nun's Estate in Coz is sold at public auction to Bernardo Pereira de Sousa, married with Francisca Jacinta Pereira, daughter of João Pereira Gomes, wealthy man, owning estates in Maranhão, Brazil.


Acquisition of Nuns by the current owners

Acquisition of Nuns by the current owners, with the idealization of the project for Monks Park.


Monks Park Project

Submission of Monks Park project to the authorities for approval.


Official Opening

Official opening of the Monks Park.