School Programs

School programs of the Park

Located in the former farm of the monks called the Nun's Estate in Alcobaça, and involving a wide variety of natural resources with the secular religious and cultural tradition of the region of Alcobaça, the Monks Park is a playful space, educational and innovative unique in Portugal.

Our programs are specially designed for school children from 3 to 18 years old, whose activities awaken their senses, stimulate their imagination, creativity and artistic expression while freeing their movements and develop perception and psychomotor capabilities.

The Monks Park offers in a single campus the Fluviarium, the Convent Estate (educational farm), Monastic Workshops (artisans), Adventure Monk (many entertainment activities including canoeing, orienteering, slides, climbing, archery and traditional games), the Biblical Garden, the Museum of the Conventual Pastry, Restaurant, the Monks Refectory and even other facilities that allow visitors to participate and live unforgettable experiences and adventurous activities, both fun and educational - within the concept of edutainment - inspired by the life of the monks of the Monastery of Holy Mary of Alcobaça and always associated with the history of Portugal.

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